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Since 1978

Hydraulic Wholesalers Ltd has been a stable business in Hamilton and the Waikato for over 40 years. Now trading as HWL Group, this is a testament to the advancement of the company, through expansion to more than just Hydraulics, but now incorporating Filtration and Separation.

For many years Hydraulic Wholesalers was a Vickers distributor, a Top 10 Distributor for Duffield Hose and Fittings. HWL was focussed on importing and distributing of some of the best hydraulic products from around the world. Our target was sales, service, and the design of hydraulic systems.

After asking our Managing Director Dennis J Radich about business in the early days, this is a little on what he has to say:

“Dennis started this venture in 1978 working with Vincent Smith, taking on the Vickers Distribution. While starting out in the beginning being the singular member of the sales team, Dennis soon moved up to a team of four after a couple of years, with the move to new premises.
Back then there was only two Hydraulic Wholesalers competing for all the business in Hamilton, so life in the industry was a little simpler than it is now.
Since then, Dennis says many things have changed, but the essence of the industry remains the same. Although minor product details and usages can now vary, and the addition of Filtration has played a big part in the changing of the business. Now the advancements of technology, and its inclusion within every industry can almost make your head spin if you don’t keep up. Luckily the team at HWL is adaptable, and at the top of its game with the inclusions of more staff, more facilities, and more services on offer.”

From there, HWL grew to become a distributor to the whole North Island and branching out to the South.
When the opportunity came along to be a Parker Distributor we grabbed it with both hands. This enhanced our abilities to provide customers with the best and widest range of products available in New Zealand. Parker is the world leader in motion and control technologies and has the most diversified range of products of any hydraulic company in the world.

Since then we have become a Parker Master Distributor of motion and control technologies, an official Parker Store (2010) for Parker Hannifin Hydraulics, and a Master Distributor and Authorised Service Agent (2011) for Parker Gas Generation, Separation, and Purification products. Most recently we have also taken on the range of Parker Process Control Valves (2014).

HWL now boasts a team of over 10, and a distribution network that is taking over New Zealand. We are involved in trade and technology shows to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation within our sector. The continual training, retraining, and self-improvement of our company, and our staff is what makes HWL trusted in the Waikato for over 40 years, and ensures we will never get left behind.

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