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HWL Group can offer a wide range of Truck Crane Servicing to a vast selection of brands like Palfinger, Hiab, Fassi, Atlas Cranes, UNIC Telescopic and Marine Cranes, Steelbro, Swinglift, and Tailgate Loaders such as Zepro and Pallift, to name a few. Not just limited to Truck Cranes, HWL can also service Ute Cranes, Marine Cranes, Straight Boom Telescopic Cranes, Truck and Trailer Mounted Aerial Platforms, Hook Loaders, and Container Sidelifts.

HWL can also take care of your Fleet maintenance program, from monthly lubrication and greasing to Quarterly inspections, Major annual service, and Re-certification. We work with you to ensure your machinery downtime is minimal so you’re back up and running again ASAP! HWL is your one stop shop in getting your heavy vehicle back on its wheels again.

HWL can also assist you with LT400 Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certificate, or the Design Approval Certification. This is commonly required when a vehicle has been imported with the crane attachment already installed. These certifications are also a pre-requisite for the Heavy Vehicle Certification if you are importing or modifying a heavy vehicle.

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