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Whether it be by general wear and tear, scheduled maintenance, lack of maintenance, or simply an accident; HWL can Service, Repair or replace almost all hydraulic components. This includes the Rebuilding, Refurbishing, Resealing or Lapping of all Hydraulic Components like Pumps, Motors, Valves, Coolers, Accumulators and Accessories.
Our experienced and highly skilled team use our advanced workshop equipment to machine repair and test hydraulic parts to a high level of quality and precision. We manufacture a variety of individual hydraulic components and parts for pumps, motors and valves, as well as cylinders, glands, pistons, rods, clevises, and pins.

In return you will receive a fully tested, and fully functioning component that is returned to you ASAP. Because we understand the need for a fast turnaround, to create minimal impact on the running of your business, we will ensure your parts are ready to go as fast as we can, so you and your equipment can continue doing the hard work.

One of the best things we can do for you is having a full range of stock on hand in our warehouse, along with the ease and ability to procure any products as needed.
As an official licensed Parker Master Distributor and Build Centre, we maintain the highest quality standards by adhering to Parker Hannifin’s vigorous quality building, servicing and testing procedures.

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