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Balston Labgas

Parker lab gas generators are known for their reliability and effectiveness. Because our generators are built using our own patented proprietary technologies, our generators are easy to use, safe, cost-effective, and provide reliable, consistent gas quality and pressure.
Parker offers gas generators for a wide range of analytical instruments including GC, GC-FID, GC-FPD, GC-NPD, GC-ECD, Solvent Evaporators, LCMS, TOC, ICP, NMR. Our broad product offering includes; hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators for LCMS, nitrogen generators for ICP, zero nitrogen generators makeup gas generators, GC gas stations, FID gas stations, high purity nitrogen generators, LCMS tri-gas generators, low flow nitrogen generators, mid flow nitrogen generators, FT-IR purge gas generators, TOC gas generators, and ultra-dry air generators.

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