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Parker Balston H2PEMPD

Parker Balston H2PEMPD PDF

Hydrogen Generators For GC & GC/MS Fuel and Carrier Gas Applications




The Parker Balston H2PEMPD ultra-high purity hydrogen generators offer the optimum combination of safe operation, reliability, performance and low cost of ownership.
H2PEMPD hydrogen generators utilise field proven PEM cell technology, hydrogen is produced on demand from deionized water and electricity. It then passes through a palladium purifier module to remove oxygen down to <0.01ppm. Innovative control software allows remote monitoring and the connection of several generators together (cascading) to supply applications with a large hydrogen demand.
With an output capacity of up to 1,300 ml/min at a purity of 99.99999+% and pressures up to 11.9 bar, the generator is ideal for all GC & GC/MS carrier gas (including fast GC) and combustion detector applications, and a more cost effective alternative to helium. To ensure continuous operation all generators include automatic water feed as standard.

• Flow capacities up to 1,300 ml/min and pressures up to 11.9 bar
• Ultra high purity, 99.99999+%, an ideal alternative to helium for GC & GC/MS carrier gas applications
• 3 year standard cell warranty
• Designed to run continuously with automatic water feed as standard
• Automatic shut-down in case of a hydrogen leak
• Minimal maintenance and operator attention

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