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Parker Balston TOC Generators

Balston TOC Generators PDF

Parker Balston TOC Gas Generators eliminate all the inconveniences and costs of cylinder gas supplies and dependence on outside vendors by producing carrier/combustion gas from an existing compressed air supply



Parker TOC Gas Generators purify an existing compressed air supply in carrier/combustion gas, for TOC instruments, eliminating the need to purchase expensive, inconvenient, high pressure cylinders of oxygen or nitrogen. The Parker Gas Generators utilize catalytic oxidation and pressure swing adsorption technologies to remove hydrocarbons to < 0.05 ppm (measured as methane), CO2 to 1 ppm, and water vapor to 1 ppm (-100°F/-73°C dewpoint).

• Replaces high pressure oxygen or nitrogen gas cylinders with hydrocarbon-free, CO2-free compressed gas for TOC Analysers
• Ensures consistent, reliable, TOC operation and reduces instrument service and maintenance costs
• Compact design frees up valuable laboratory floor space
• Purity meets or exceeds all TOC manufacturer’s gas purity requirements
• Operational display shows system status at a glance
• Requires minimal annual maintenance

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