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If you are a current client of ours, you may have noticed the change in our processes moving on from Hydraulic Wholesalers to HWL Group!

For the last 40 years we have proudly worn the name of Hydraulic Wholesalers as the brand that people have grown to know and love. With the development of our team, our products, and our customer relationships, we thought it was time for a small change.

With the departure of our founder and director, Dennis J Radich, late last year, the HWL reins were handed over to the very competent Vaughan Scrivener and Jamie Hoey. You will recognise these names as valuable cogs in the HWL scene, in former Sales and Manager roles, they would have been your point of call to help with anything in the business. Now officially they are running the show as Managing Director and Operations Director.

The shift away from Hydraulic Wholesalers also comes at a time when HWL is diversifying their product inventory and specialising in more than just hydraulics. The addition of Filtration and Separation stock to our catalogue is the tip of the iceberg for all we now have on offer.

As our inventory and business expands, so must we to accommodate that, so our name change is a reflection on our adaptation as a business, and our continued internal self improvement. Although we may already be known as HWL Group in most circles, we have officially made the change with a new website to show it off.

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