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Hyperfilter Compressed Air Filters (For Pressures Up To 16 Bar G)

Hyperfilter Compressed Air Filter PDF

Die cast aluminium coalescing, dry particulate and oil vapour removal compressed air filters.


Compressed air incorporates a high concentration of dirt, oil, moisture and other impurities. Failure to remove these contaminants will lead to escalating maintenance costs, lengthy downtimes and damaged finished goods.
Hyperfilter coalescing, dry particulate and oil vapour removal filters have been specifically designed to prevent these undesired effects, offering a comprehensive range of compressed air filters covering all industrial needs.

Available in 5 filter grades: Coarse pre-filter, general purpose and high efficiency coalescing filters, dry particulate filter and oil vapour removal filter.

Product Features / Benefits:
Protects tools and downstream equipment
Increases efficiency, reduces downtimes
Significantly reduces maintenance costs
Full range of models and filtration grades for all industrial applications

Accessories & Options:
Kit for installation in series of two or more filters;
Wall mounting kit
Element supervision indicator
Differential pressure gauge

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