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OIL-X Grade WS Water Separators PDF

For Pressures Up to 16 Bar G
Parker OIL-X Grade WS high efficiency water separators have been designed for use with compressor inter coolers / after coolers, integration with refrigeration dryer heat exchangers or protection of coalescing filter from heavy liquid contamination.


For Pressures Up to 16 Bar G
Die cast aluminium and fabricated carbon steel water separators for the efficient removal of bulk liquid contamination from a compressed air supply, providing flow rates up to 25920 m³/h @ 7 bar g.
Bulk water which exists in all compressed air systems causes problems – corrosion of piping, permanent damage to valves, cylinders, pneumatic tools, machinery and reducing the effectiveness of aftercoolers/heat exchangers.

Over 99% of bulk water can be easily and economically removed by installing a Parker domnick hunter OIL-X Grade WS high efficiency water separator. Now, your compressed air system will operate much more efficiently with reduced downtime and maintenance costs. Grade WS technology will also improve the effectiveness of aftercoolers, refrigerant dryers, filters and other downstream equipment.

The world’s most energy efficient water separators
For the removal of bulk condensed water and liquid oil
Used to protect coalescing filters from bulk liquid contamination
Tested in accordance with ISO8573-9

High liquid removal efficiencies at all flow conditions
Cost effective
Low maintenance
Very low differential pressure
Removes rust and pipescale
In addition to protecting coalescing filters from bulk liquid contamination, Grade WS water separators can be used on compressor inter-cooler and after-cooler stages, wet air receivers and refrigeration dryers.

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