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Activated Carbon Lenticular Filter

Parker Depth Clear Activated Carbon Lenticular PDF

Depth-Clear Single Layer
Depth-Clear II Dual-Layer
Available in 12 inch & 16 inch


Parker’s activated carbon lenticular filters are comprised of highly porous activated carbon, cellulose fibers and a cationic resin available in single (Depth-Clear) and dual (Depth-Clear II) layers. The unique formulation process creates fi lter media with exceptionally high void volume allowing the filter to be an efficient absorb-er of color, hazes, proteins and bioburden. The resin bonded carbon cellulose matrix of Depth-Clear activated carbon media eliminates many of the common process and safety issues associated with bulk activated carbon.

Parker offers two grades of carbon, 1062 and 1064, to cover a broad range of applications. Each grade of activated carbon media is formulated to optimize retention and flow properties. The automated production process results in very consistent product quality and filtration performance. The filters are available in configurations that provide up to 38 ft2 of surface area per module.

The carbon integrated media design reduces operator health and safety issues by virtually eliminating carbon dust
The proprietary formulation results in depth media with exceptionally high void volume for efficient decolonization and purification of process fluids. The module format offers significantly higher capacities than conventional carbon filter cartridges
Processing time is decreased when compared to bulk activated carbon systems
Lenticular filters are easy to handle and install which allows for quick and easy change-outs
Available in single (Depth-Clear) and dual-layer (Depth-Clear II) format
The dual-layer Depth-Clear II combines two full thickness’ of carbon filter creating 2X contact surface area for superior filtration performance and long on-stream life cycles.
Manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Quality System Environment

Antibiotic Decolorizing
Blood Fractionation
Catalyst Removal
Deodorization of Beverages & Fruit Juices
Decolorizing Fine Chemicals
Decolorizing Perfumes
Decolorizing Spirits, Wine and Cider
Decolorizing Silicone Oil
Dechlorination of Water
Detergent Removal
Endotoxin Removal

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