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ParMax™ Multi-Cartridge Filter Vessel

ParMax Cartridge Filter Vessel PDF

One six-inch diameter cartridge can handle up to 1892 LPM flow (60″ length)
The inside-to-outside flow allows for a high contaminant holding capacity
High-flow and long filter life
Ideal choice for a wide variety of critical process applications


ParMax™ multi-cartridge filter vessels are designed to accept ParMax filter cartridges for flows of up to 500 GPM (1892 LPM) each 60″ length. They provide significant size and capital cost reduction compared with vessels containing conventional size filter cartridges. The horizontal design and coreless cartridge configuration make cartridge change fast and easy.
ParMax filter elements are inside/out flow direction and are available in either 20″, 40″ or 60″ length.

Features & Benefits:
Horizontal design makes cartridge change easier and quicker without need for elevated platform. Vertical orientation is also available.
Large diameter cartridge yields high flow rate per cartridge resulting in fewer cartridges and smaller, lower cost vessels.
Inside-out flow direction captures contaminates on the inside of the filter which makes changing cartridges less messy and quicker.
Built to ASME Boiler And Pressure Code to insure integrity.
Cartridges have external O-ring for positive seal

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