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BAS – Breathing Air System

Parker BAS PDF

Small to medium flow breathing air systems providing purified breathing air, with CO/CO2 reduction. Tested in accordance with European Pharmacopoeia and other international breathing air standards with volume flow rates up to 300 m³/h @ 7 barg.


Parker BAS Breathing Air Systems have been designed to treat 15 hazardous compressed air contaminants and provide breathable quality compressed air that meets or exceeds the levels shown in global breathing air standards.

Providing breathable quality compressed air from a single treatment system, BAS Breathing Air Systems consist of 7 stages of purification.

Delivered air purity from a BAS meets or exceeds the requirements of EN12021, European Pharmacopoeia, OSHA Grade D and CSA Z180.1. The air quality is equivalent to ISO8573-1:2010 Class 1.2.0 (<0.003 mg/m³ total oil).

The BAS Breathing Air System’s performance has been tested in accordance with ISO7183, ISO12500-1, ISO 8573-2 / ISO 8573-3 / ISO 8573-4 / ISO 8573-5 / ISO 8573-6 and the European Pharmacopoeia. Performance has been independently verified by Lloyds Register.


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