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HDK-MT High Pressure Compressed Air Dryer (up to 100 bar g)

The patent protected HDK-MT concept is unique in its compact design. HDK-MT combines a vibration resistant, torsion rigid dryer unit, made of high precision vessel pipes and valve blocks, with a pre-stressed filling of highly active desiccant beads.


HDK-MT dryers come mounted with GH series filters, incorporating tie-rod fixed filter elements, which provide almost no target for torsional forces and abrasion. This provides a safe, reliable, and robust operation under pressure variations and constant vibration, typical for discontinuous operation in high pressure ranges.
The choice of corrosion resistant materials, like the hard coated aluminium valve blocks, seamless vessels and stainless steel fittings make HDK-MT series dryers ideally suited for harsh environments.
Compact and robust in design HDK-MT dryers are ideally suited for installations in tight spaces, like compressor skids, as well as installations on ships, platforms, and in containers.

• Dew-point control as standard
• Compact, unique patent protected design of the pressure envelope
• Pulsation and vibration resistant
• Corrosion resistant
• Small footprint
• Simple servicing

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