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KE-MT Series Large Flow Heatless Compressed Air Dryer

KE-MT Large Flow Dryer PDF

Parker Zander KE-MT Series heatless adsorption dryers are designed to supply high quality dry compressed air reliably and efficiently down to a pressure dew point of -70 °C. They are capable of volume flows of up to 6100m³/h at operating conditions of 7 barg (100psig).


The KE-MT Series is offered with energy saving dew point dependent switching (DDS) as an option. Where an application calls for a unit able to cope with variations in operating pressure and load, the installation of a dew point sensor at the outlet of the dryer is available. In such an operating mode, the changeover cycle between vessels only takes place when required, and is dependent on the required dew point being achieved. Only upon reaching this adjustable set dew point, does changeover to the regenerated vessel occur. This feature enables the drying phase to be lengthened and thus avoids the unnecessary use of purge air for regeneration and consequently provides significant energy savings.

When there is a further requirement for compressed air to be delivered free from oil vapour and odours, as well as clean and dry, the units can be supplied with an additional third vessel filled with activated carbon, the KEA-MT Series. KEA-MT is ideal for use in laboratory, food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

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