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High Purity Nitrogen and Dry Air Generators

HP N2 + CDA Generators PDF

Parker domnick hunter G6 and G7 nitrogen and dry air generators employ robust, field proven technology to produce ultra high purity nitrogen and dry air suitable for chemical analysis applications.


The G6 and G7 generators provide a continuous stream of nitrogen and dry air from a single ‘plug & play’ unit, are extremely quiet in operation and are fully approved for use by major instrumentation manufacturers.
Innovative technology, design and function combine to completely eliminate all other modes of supply, facilitating maximum instrument uptime, attractive return on investment and proven analytical performance.

• Ideal for analytical instruments that require high purity nitrogen and air
• Produces a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen 99.999% and dry air
• Integral oil free compressor
• Eliminate inconvenient and potentially dangerous nitrogen cylinders
• Compact, reliable with minimal operator attention and maintenance
• Improve analysis and reproducibility with guaranteed high purity gas

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