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Hypercool Water Cooled Aftercooler

Hypercool Water Aftercooler PDF

Many industrial applications require controlled compressed air or gas temperature for efficient operation, a requirement for which Hypercool is perfectly suited.


Compressed air and gases contain high levels of liquid water vapour. Effective water removal leads to reduced maintenance costs, enhanced system operation and improved product quality. Hypercool water cooled aftercoolers represent the vital first step in this process, installed immediately downstream of compressors or blowers they eliminate over 80% of the water present within compressed air and gas systems.
Controlled compressed air or gas temperature is essential for many industrial applications for efficient operation. The air or gas temperature can be very high at the compressor outlet. Hypercool water cooled aftercoolers can control this. They have been specifically designed to achieve maximum cooling at minimum cost, within a package designed to withstand the rigors of modern industry.
The ribbed tubing design offers high heat exchange efficiency with minimal pressure drops. Hypercool’s extensive range of models includes those with fixed and removable aftercoolers, high pressure configurations and versions with special materials for any gas and water quality requirement.
A high quality aftercooler properly sized is an excellent investment that can help ensure that the compressed air or gas system works properly thereby guaranteeing the quality of the finished product.

• Fixed or removable tube bundles
• Carbon steel shell and copper tubes for standard applications
• Cupro-nickel shell and tubes for sea water use
• Stainless steel shell and tubes for aggressive gas and/or water
• Carbon steel shell and stainless steel tubes for aggressive air or gas
• High pressures up to 40 barg (up to 80 barg on request) and low pressures down to 1barg
• Stainless steel centrifugal water separators are available on request

• Provides significant energy and capital investment savings
• Optimises compressed air system or gas treatment station performance
• Reduces maintenance and improves product quality
• Ensures reliable and continuous operation
• Very low pressure drops with optimum cooling performances

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