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HYBRID DRYERS – Antares Series Low Energy Tandem Technology

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Parker Hiross Antares dryers with Tandem Technology are an innovative family of compressed air dryers for volume flows from 240 to 2040 m³/h @ 7 bar g / PDP -40°C.


Tandem Technology from Parker Hiross is a further development of the standard hybrid compressed air drying process. Compared to the conventional hybrid compressed air treatment process which is a simple lining-up of a refrigeration and an adsorption dryer, the Tandem Technology goes one step further and fully integrates the two classic drying principles in a compact compressed air treatment package. This unique combination enables high-quality compressed air to be provided to the end-user at low energy consumption levels when compared to more traditional adsorption dryers.

Key benefits in detail:
– A reduction of energy consumption up to 60% against traditional heatless desiccant dryers. This enables a payback time of less than 24 months. Even higher savings are possible in partial load situations or when the required pressure dew point is above 0°C.
– The pressure dew point is freely adjustable between 5°C and -70°C with no physical changes to the dryer, i.e. like changing an orifice, a nozzle or type of desiccant material in order to reach the desired the dew point.
– Antares series compressed air dryers work with high compressed air inlet temperatures of up to 65°C.
– Very low cost of ownership, especially due to reduced maintenance costs. Compared to standard adsorption dryers, Antares series compressed air dryers need much less desiccant material. Additionally, some Antares models do not even need regular vessel inspections, the downtime therefore is very low.
– Antares helps to keep process safety at a very high level with three integrated high performance filters that are validated according to the demanding ISO12500 standards.
– Antares series compressed air dryers are very compact; their footprint is considerably smaller compared to standard hybrid dryers of a similar performance.

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